Embrace Creativity: Discover Long Lake Camp for the Arts

Long Lake Camp for the Arts: A place where freedom, creativity, and self-discovery thrive in the heart of the Adirondacks.

Embrace Creativity: Discover Long Lake Camp for the Arts
Long Lake Camp For The Arts

Welcome to Long Lake Camp for the Arts, the family-owned oasis, encouraging children to immerse themselves in creativity since 1969. Beyond a typical summer camp, Long Lake is a unique space—both physically and conceptually—for children aged 8 to 16, with its magnificent canvas of shimmering lakes, stunning green forests, and majestic mountains in upstate New York.

At the heart of Long Lake, the philosophy is simple: live your best life through enriching experiences and self-discovery. Here, every child is welcomed, regardless of their level of interest or experience. Unfettered by competition, each child maps out their unique journey, picking and mixing from a generous palette of activities that range from the performing and fine arts to sports and relaxation time.

For decades, parents have entrusted Long Lake with their children, witnessing transformations into vibrant, dedicated, and passionate beings. Long Lake serves as an incubator not just for creativity, but for relationships, memories, and skills that shape young lives beyond the summer.

Looking ahead, consider Long Lake, the definitive choice for an unforgettable summer experience. Whether your child is an aspiring artist or performer or merely wants to dip their toes into a new realm of opportunities, Long Lake Camp for the Arts awaits.