Unleash the Hero Within: The Story School's EduLARP Adventure

Dive into The Story School's universe, where innovative eduLARP camps foster growth, learning, and heroism. With a welcoming community for all, including LGBTQ+ and neurodiverse campers, it's the perfect place for kids to unlock their potential. Explore our programs and join the adventure today!

Unleash the Hero Within: The Story School's EduLARP Adventure
LARP at The Story School

Embark on an epic journey at The Story School, where fantasy becomes the gateway to growth and learning. Nestled in the vibrant woods of Massachusetts, this unique summer camp merges the enchantment of live-action role-playing with the power of story-based education. Here, every camper is more than a player; they're the hero in a grand tale of discovery, drawing from STEM principles and creative arts to navigate challenges and craft their own legend.

Rooted in inclusivity, The Story School welcomes a diverse blend of young adventurers, including a significant community of LGBTQ+ and neurodiverse individuals. Programs like Camp FABLE and Camp Grimoire shine as beacons of innovative eduLARPs, fostering autonomy, resilience, and a deeply supportive environment. The transformative mission: empower each participant to become the architect of their story, bolstered by scholarships and outreach to ensure wide-reaching access.

Led by the passionate Christopher Wiley, The Story School transcends traditional learning, leveraging playful immersion to ignite curiosity and advance social, mental, and emotional skills. Join us. Embrace your inner hero. Unleash your potential. At The Story School, education is not just imparted; it's vividly experienced and joyously lived.